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i love the way you smack my ass

Chino-so...we gonna party or what
JW- umm...we're in school
**Dani and JO look at eachother and roll eyes** SO??
Chino- that can be changed **snaps fingers**

--Chino, JO, D, and JW are standing outside of steven's empty house--

Chino- this looks like a good place to throw a party
D-there's a tool shed in the back yard *snicker*
JW- how are we gonna get in?
**chino snaps fingers and all are inside the house staring at a full liqour cabinet**
JO & D- mmm...vodka
**Chino pours drinks**
Chino- so who do we want to invite?
**jay enters room from back yard**
Jay- but im already here, making hotdogs. yo chi, pour me a screwdriver.
**Chino hands Jay a screwdrive**
D- what about tyce? he's at work let's go kidnap him...
**chino, the jesses, and dani climb into jay's PT cruiser and drive off to the mall to kidnap tyce**


and i'll leave it there...jess can write the kidnapping scene *snicker*
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